I'm doing market reasearch for botyh civics class and a future company. Please take the time to ansewer this survey.

1: Would you be willing to buy a Custom guitar, bass, amplitifer, effect pedal, or pickup online?

2: If so how much would you be willing to pay for such an item? Please list which Item your giving a pricefor (IE: If your stating how much you would pay for an effect pedal please say so)

3: Would having a guarantee that if there was anything you did not like you would be able to send it back and I would work with you to fix it and make it work for you, or that you would have a full refund (minus sales tax and shipping) effect your desision?

4: Would having a custom shop company that sells guitars in more then just the popular S, T, LP, J-bass, and P-bass styles, be something you would want to look into?

5: If so what other styles of guitars would you like to see?

6: What kind of features would you like? (IE FR, Piezco, Locking tuners, Nitro finish, etc)
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