fast acoustic mixed with fast solos and breakdown with violins and acoustic check it out , and lemme know what you think.


some parts kinda seem out of place, was kinda tired and just wasn't coming to mind.
That was amazing!
I loved you're intro but i though it would sound better if you let every note ring.
You're lead was great, but maybe a bit safe if you know what i mean? I loved it but i'd like to see this with more interesting phrasing, but thats just my opinion ,there's not anything wrong with it.
15-22 - Amazing. All i got to say.
You're lead from 25-32 seemed a bit predictable to me, they all landed on certain notes.

They are pretty much the only things i could find wrong with it, and i had to listen many times to find them, and they're just my personal opinion, i'm sure other people will see it perfect the way it is.
Good Job!

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