I bought this amp off of my friends dad not too long ago, its really awesome and its old and vintage but im not exactly sure of what model it is or anyway to trace it back to when it was made. It is a Fender All Tube Amp. On the back it says 185 Watts which i think is really high for a tube amp. It has 7 tubes in the back, 2 big clear ones that look kind of like lightbulbs and 5 smaller gray tubes. It has the original old reverb plates in it which makes it weigh around 80 lbs. On the front it says Fender 75. It has power boosters on the bass treble and mid controls, which makes it so that if you pull the knobs it makes 1 like 11 and so on. I can give you some more information when i get home, as well as pictures.
What colour is the control panel? Is it a head or a combo?

It's called the Fender 75. Made '80-'82. If you are lucky, it might still have PTP wiring. Some Fender amp had switched to PCB by them (the eighties).
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I think I had almost the same exact amp but it shit out on me

if you can put up some pictures

mine was really old and abused though...good f'ing amp though