Yes, you all know what I'm talking about, I was inspired by the thread about songs that remind you of someone, but this is different, because this can be any memory, or feeling.

For me:

Me Vs Maradona Vs Elvis by Brand New
I get reminded about this time me and this girl snuck out at night during a camp, and how I thought something would happen, but didn't.

Take It Easy by Bright Eyes
I get reminded about July(sometime in the middle of the year basically), that period of time basically, and particularly a music festival thing that I went with my friends.

Autumn Shade 2 by The Vines
Get reminded about the girl mentioned above because we would sing this together.

I Believe In Symmetry by Bright Eyes
You Will. You? Will. You? Will by Bright Eyes
Both of these songs remind me of the same thing, when I was obsessing about someone.

The Jeep Song by Dresden Dolls
Reminds me of the time I was in Switzerland, and was doing some backseat watching in a bus, and was thinking of someone.

Neighbourhood #1 (Tunnels) by Arcade Fire
Get reminded of a school camp in my old school for some reason.

Soldier's Poem by Muse
I get this really strange happy-sad feeling, and I think about a Muse concert I went to, for obvious reasons.

Tommib by Squarepusher
This one is attached to this image of the view of a huge city from a tall building. And it makes me feel very isolated and scared of what it would feel like to be in some place with so many people but no one I know or can relate with. Yea, probably cos of Lost in Translation.

No Lies, Just Love by Bright eyes
Something Vague by Bright Eyes
Both remind me of a very boring(which led to depressingly-boring) period in my life.

Lounge Act by Nirvana
Brings me to the start of 2006.

Well, yea, that's quite alot I know, but you don't have to read it, post your own.
Slow Ride by Foghat

it was playing the night i met my gf =) so it gives me this crazy feeling like...i just get all happy and then...

Hurt by Johnny Cash/NIN

i played this song on the guitar over and over again when i made the mistake of breaking up with her...

luckily she took me back =) IM A LUCKY MAN!
Ride Wit Me by Nelly always reminds me of Florida ... it was my first time going and it was all over the radio stations, and by the time I got back it wasn't really that big here, so I listened to it nonstop for a week and then pretty much never again.
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When I hear Dogs by Pink Floyd I think of back to my freshman/sophomore year of high school in the summer when my brother came home from college. He made me listen to it while we were playing cards and hanging out. I get a sense of math because I had to do a math booklet all summer because of my grades. I remember getting up to yell at the dog outside only to find out it was the background to the song done very well. I think of the book Dragons of Winter Night, because I remember my brother watching a movie downstairs with my parents I couldn't watch while I read and finished that book and listened to Floyd before falling asleep.

When I heard Another Brick In The Wall I think of July 4 because I listed to that the whole drive to go watch fireworks.
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Favor House Atlantic by Coheed and Cambria makes me think of Charleston, SC. I'd just gotten that cd and had listened to it like 800 times while I was there.

Angry, Young, and Poor by Anti-Flag makes me think of Christmas at my grandparents' house because I listened to that song a lot a couple years ago when we were celebrating Christmas there.
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yeah that was my thread but whatever this is cool too, no I'd have to say Another Brick in THe Wall part 2 reminds me of the pledge of allegiance, 'cuz I got in trouble for saying,"We don't need no education, we don't need no thought control, no dark sarcasm in the classroom, teachers leave them kids alone" I got in some deep **** for it, but it was fun
Favor House Atlantic by Coheed and Cambria reminds me of back when I played RO.
Afraid to Breath - Adair reminds me of WoW, and so does HH(LoL).
I dont like either of the songs, but that Crazy song by Gnarls Barkley and that Had a Bad Day song (I actually HATE that one).....but these songs remind me of the good times of last summer. Because they were alwasys playing on the radio in my car and my friend had to listen to songs like that .

But that was a damn good summer.....