I'm sure something similar to this has been posted, but i couldnt find anything much like it so im posting this. I'm in this band right now, and in my opinion, we suck. The bass player and myself sound pretty good, but the drummer and the singer are really dragging us down. The drummer, he has no rhythm, all he does is double bass and he cant learn almost any covers and he cant come up with his own beats without my help and, HE F***ING PUT DOUBLE BASS TO CREAM!!! But anyway, the singer, well shes female, and i thought it might work, but its not, shes so flat with everything and cant make up her own melody to any song, and i have to do it for her. Our bass player and myself have been playing together for more than a year and we work really well together because we know exactly what the other person will do and we write real good together as well. But our talents are overshadowed by the inexperience and problems with the drummer and the singer. Im not quite sure what to do because the singer is the bass players sister and the drummer is her boyfriend. They are both good friends, but we arent getting anywhere with them. I have 3 shows scheduled already like 2 months down the road, plenty of enough time to train new members, but im just too emabarrassed to play a show with them because they have no experience with playing live and they would probaly give people a bad opinion about us, that we suck. I'm not sure exactly what to do. I dont want to get them all pissed off at me, but something needs to be done. What do you guys think?
just work with them more closely. maybe there is hope. and talk to the bass player. and if it still dont work and hes still with you, get new people. but people usually dont know what a f*** up they are until you tell them.
paper isnt to far off, it seems like this is the answer to all threads but well, talk to them. tell the singer that she she seems a bit flat and try to help her work at it and you need to tell the drummer that double bass isnt everything... yes i know this just adds more work for you to do but hey, you're in a bandleading forum and apparently your leading so you're gonna have to work your ass off.... and if all else fails, find new members
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