hey guys. im now basicaly using a multi effects/amp modelling processor. since i'll be upgrading my amp, using an amp modelling processor wouldnt really bring out the best out of the amp. meaning to say, the sound'll be the same even on a low end amp or even a high end cause its an amp modelling processor. correct?

so i plan on getting singular pedals. Since it gives a more 'real' sound and does depend on the quality of the amp. right? cool.

question is, once ive got singular pedals, what if i need different tones during a performance. i would have to bend down and change the settings on the pedals everytime i need a different tone. thats the part where im kinda fussy about, it would look kind of odd really. thats why im kinda still leaning towards getting a multi-effects processor, strictly multi effects not amp modellers because i can put in patches and wouldnt have to manualy change the tones during performances.

can you guys either tell me how to overcome the need of changing tones during performances or advice me on a multi effetcs pedal.

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Yeah i know what you mean with that, but if I were you I would take a look at the line 6 pod xt live. I have that and you can actually get a pretty sweet tone on there without depending on the high end amp.
You'll get used to it. The tones you'll want wont be that different, you could use one distortion or OD pedal and just change pickups or lower the guitar's volume for less gain.
You may have to make a bit of a compromise with one or 2 of the tones though.
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