anyone who watches any cartoons, whether its something like futurama or family guy.....to.....spongebob or anything....

whats your favorite quote?

futuramas got a lot of quotes...one of my favorites is

holy guinea pig from winnipeg!!!
Stewie Griffin: [to ticket agent] Now listen to me...
[looks at agent's name tag]
Stewie Griffin: Jo-LENE. I've got an army to raise and I must get to Nicaragua. I require a window seat and an in-flight Happy Meal AND NO PICKLES. OH, GOD HELP YOU IF I FIND PICKLES.

that's my favourite
Zoidberg: TODAY WILL BE THE GREATEST DAY EVER ::releases a slinky down some books that form steps and the slinky explodes when it hits the bottom::

i also love when he does something stupid and scuttles away going WOO WOO WOO woo woo like curly from the 3 stooges
or robot chicken with hitler in the classroom taking everybody's desks, and the american guy is like, "not my problem" and then the japanese dude spills the american kid's shake and he's like" now it's my problem"
-The Animaniacs
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love that robot chicken episode with lil hitler. got to love how the american child is wearing aviator glasses and has to pop the collar on his pilots jacket when he says it
I love the episode of Spongebob where he learns the "bad word" and he comes into work the next day:

"Hey Squidward, how the **** are ya?" and then Patrick goes "Nice ******* day, huh?"
Mine's from family guy when Lois is taking those martial arts classes, and Peter sets her up to fight in the front lawn, and he goes "Come see the amazing Lois, she floats like a butterfly and stings like when I pee!"

Or the one where Mayor Adam West was getting booed, and he gets the tomato thrown at him and he goes" OH MY GOD!!! I'M A TOMATO!!!!"
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Adam West [on the phone]: Damnit, Swanson, I want them found!

Joe Swanson: Mayor West, we have every available man looking for the Griffins, we just don't have any leads.

Mayor Adam West: Not the Griffins, you moron! The rest of my Lite Brite pieces! My name isn't "Adam We"... or is it? Who am I? What number did you dial? Don't ever call here again! [hangs up] I guess I told him...nobody messes with Adam We.
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Mr Garrison: "Does anyone know what sexual harrassment means? Yes Eric?"
Cartman: "When you're trying to have intercourse with a lady-friend, and some other guy comes up and tickles your balls from behind."

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I'm ready! I'm ready! I'm ready! I'm ready! I'm ready! I'm ready!I'm ready! I'm ready! I'm ready! I'm ready! I'm ready! I'm ready! I'm ready! I'm ready!
- Spongebob (complete with running down the street action and arms sticking out with elbows bent at 90 degrees)
louis:"are you drunk peter???"

peter:"im not drunk im just tired from staying up all night drinking"

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While playing Trivial pursuit:
Lois: Peter, if you get this you win! Say the word What.

Peter: Oh boy, this one really seperates the men from the boys. I wanna say who.

Lois: Just say the damn word, Peter.

Peter: Is the answer what.

Or something to that effect, any it was priceless.
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in family guy two priest say "we work for mel gibson"
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Meatwad: Hey Carl, I won them tickets for the SuperBall.

Carl: Yea, thats cute how you said SuperBall...Its SuperBowl you friggin idiot...GIMME THEM TICKETS!


Cracks me up every time...
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Mr. Garrison: Hey, guess what everybody? I'm gay!
Principal Victoria: Mr. Garrison?
Mr. Mackey: What?
Mr. Garrison: I'm as gay as a gymnast on shore leave!
Principal Victoria: You admit it? You admit it!!!
Mr. Mackey: Oh, that's great, Mr. Garriosn. You've finally come to terms with yourself!
Mr. Garrison: Yeah, it feels really good!
Principal Victoria: Well, congratulations!
Mr. Mackey: Yeah, congratulations!
Mr. Garrison: You know, I feel like I can start anew. If it's not alright with you, I'd like to go back to teaching the third grade.
Principal Victoria: Oh. I'm sorry, we don't hire gay people.

South Park = hilarious
some people think this show is stupid but the hardest i've ever laughed was at tim and eric during the dance for kids thing "doo da doo doo"

Phat Toosday and the Astro-Bus

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I'll get you next time Gadget.......NNNNNEXT TIIIIIIIME!!!!
oh another one...on family guy during spring break when louis comes out of the bar drunk...

the preist and the rabbi walk into the bar saying
"hey, have you heard the one about us?"

did i spell rabbi right? my apologies...
"Rainbows? I hate those things! They always come in the room without asking and crawl up your ass!"


"Oh wait... you mean RainBOWS. Oh yeah, I like those, those are kewl"

"Cartman, what comes in the room and crawls up your ass?"


"Cartman, what comes in the room and cra-"


love Southpark...

oh yes, and

"Hello, missy mama. I'm Johnny Bravo HUHHAHOO!"
"man boxing a kangaroo is a perculiar spectacle, but a kangaroo boxing a robot!?! now im afraid you've lost me... CITIZEN SNIPPPPSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!"

cha cha cha and the curly fries.-the simpsons

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