I've just started learning sweep picking and i was just wondering does anybody know any good songs to learn that have sweep picking in them???
i'm not normally a fan of Coheed & Cambria, but they have one song called "Welcome Home" that i can't stop playing, and the intro has some sweep picking and pinch harmonics. nothing too fancy, but i sounds pretty good. i'd recomend getting a recording of the song WITH a tab, cuz i couldn't figure the tab out until i herd it...
i always come to UG for a tab, but get sucked into the pit

[SoWrongItsMatt]Have you tried, "Sex on fire?"

[[x]Huffy[x]]Either way I'm gonna be too stoned to care.

what he said.^

i love qotsa

enjoy it.
any buckethead song, heart collector by nevermore, and a really good one is by a spanish band called rata blanca called la leyenda de somthing something i dont rememeer excatly the rest of it.
Intro to psalm of lydia by nevermore...good luck...

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Jason Becker was amazing at sweeping. Once you have it down you should try learning his stuff slowly.
Quote by abhishek21
iron maiden . no.of beast album has many sweep picking songs


is van halen's eruption sweep picking??


Try some Paul Gilbert, or just go into the 80s/shred & Progressive forum and ask there, they're big into their sweeping there.