Recently, I took an exploratory dive into my Yamaha Pacifica. It was not a smart move, as I quickly came to realize! Without going into details:

I removed my bridge, thus the springs that held it into place fell off, without me seeing how they were put on. Now I have screwed my bridge back in, but I dont know where to reattach the springs.

I have removed the back plate of the guitar and inside there is a wire running down the a piece of metal with 5 circular fringes on the end. The wire leads to the main cavity of the guitar, where the electronics are. I am pretty sure the spring doesnt go in there.

Then, there is the cavity where the bridge fits, with some wiggle room, as it is a tremola. Aside from this, the cavity inside the guitar is empty! I have no idea where the springs were originally. The only possibility I can think of is the 6 fringes on the piece of metal attached to the wire, (which is held loosely by two screws on the side of the guitar,) but I am almost sure that it is a grounding piece of some kind, and in that case, probably not where the strings should go.

Main Point: Where do I put the springs? Again, it's a Yamaha Pacifica 112. Thanks a LOT!
they go in the back cavity....attach them to the trem block and the claw like this.

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Perfect, thanks.

The wire leading to the "claw," though.. Isn't it to ground the electronics? And isn't it metal all the way up from the tremoal to the strings? (Just curious..)
^ yes they're the ground cable, make sure its connected to the claw or all sorts of buzzing will come.
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Uhm. I think that's a floyd rose. And depending on what gauge of string you're using, YOU NEED TO TAKE OFF THOSE TWO EXTRA SPRINGS. Only three springs for .9 and .10. The wire is the ground. Here's some advice RIGHT NOW - Take it to get it set up. If you have that Tremolo out of whack, It's going to play like poopie.