After being a strat user for so long, I'm finding that my new amp is simply begging for humbuckers. I don't want to mod my strat. So I'm looking into the PRS Singlecut SE and I'm looking for some feedback. I've read the reviews, but I want some actual user feedback from the guys in the community. When my finances even out, I'll eventually buy into a real PRS, but I can't overlook some of the reviews about the SE models. So, what Singlecut SE models do you have and what do you think about them? Also, did you have to mod anything to bring the guitar "up to task"?
I've got SE Singlecut in Black and I love the damn thing! Smooth, low, and fast action, beautiful tones from the humbuckers. You can EASILY pull off blues. Only rec. for "bringing up to par, which you don't have to do, it sounds great how it is) is put actual #7's with a tap tone pot if you want that kinda stuff, otherwise, leave it be.
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