I want to get something straight. Is this statement correct?
Any solo stays within the notes of a specific scale the only thing the player does is move up and down octaves of the same scale. If he usues a note outside the scale then he will hit a sour note.
Can you please help me understand the relationship between these concepts.




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I think uve got it pretty much right. But i think there is a way of playing outside the scale as well w/o it sounding sour.
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you can pretty much play any note and make it sound good. but notes within a scale usually sound the best. as far as movement goes, it has to somewhat melodic, you don't want to just move up and down the scale. i'm no pro, in fact i pretty much suck but i've been watching a lot of sweet guys who do that.
A lot of soloing depends on what the rhythm guitarist is playing too. If you switch key on your solo, the rhythm guitarist will also have to switch to the same key in order for it to sound good.

You don't really have to follow music theory also to solo. However, it will generally sound ugly unless it is done well.
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soloing is just something you have to do and do and do. anmd you really can't just do it by your self. Sirnogbert is right though, there is a lot more to it. but check out some basic theory, it could really help clear things up.
ya, playing in a certain key for a scale can really help cause it can give you an idea of what notes to use but its always good to figure out how to correctly use notes out of the scale to add different sounds to the solo, really the only way to find out is to try, after a while youll be able to tell what sounds good
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