Does any one know how to get a Line 6 Toneport UX2 working on Cubase SX?

I'm new at this recording thing......
^ first i must ask is this an external amp or internal program (im assuming internal program but would like to make sure)
Its a program/external thing..lol........the tone port itself plugs into the usb, and i've got it running through my amp as well as the speaker, but there's a program on the computer for it that needs to be loaded for it to run......

So i guess an internal program.....its sorta like a pod in a way.
well first i'd recommend checking and making sure that everything is working fine before cubase, assuming all the programs are loaded and running correctly then check your settings for where the signal is being sent, obviously one is being sent to your speakers, there would (i assume) be another path for which this is being sent (might be specific dma/irq settings, basically internal channel routings... things of this nature) make sure the input in cubase is setup to accept these channels as inputs... this is the most basic and logical explanation. if this doesn't help i might suggest reposting this in the "riffs and recording" section you'll probably get a better answer there.
How do i know if cubase is accepting the inputs, and if it isn't what do i do? lol, sorry i really am useless at this
well there should be a decibel meter that will go up and down as input comes in, if it doesn't then its not accepting it. another surefire way to know is hit record play something real quick then stop it and play it back . like i said, never used either of these programs so i couldn't say for sure but most audio recording and FX are generally pretty alike.