I went to a local music shop, wasn't looking to spend much but ~300 on an amp+guitar.

No single guitar that was decent there + and amp was under ~350.
I ended up buying their Squire Fender Strat pack... comes with a Fender 15G amp for...

I've played it for like 1-2 days, nothing heavy, and i'm thinking that maybe I should have looked around more? I'm looking to really get into playing guitar, i'm at that beginner - intermediate level.

Think i'd get a full refund on it? The only thing that i ripped was the box the amp came in, the staples ripped the cardboard.

i'd figure I'd ask her because some of you probably work at a music store.
Should I take it back?
Why do you want to take it back? Because you've read a bunch of posts on here or because you genuinely dislike this guitar and/or amp?
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for 300 thats a rip. take it back. i'd get a used mex strat and a decent line 6 or something for that price.
i work at a music store (not like a salesman but as a guitar instructor) and usually they dont do returns (atleast in this little ma and pa shop i work in). I started out with a squier pack myself and loved the damn thing, i even regret selling it to this day (i sold it to get an upgrade). Don't listen to what people tell ya, i think ya did the right thing, 300 bucks you wouldnt be able to get anything better. Seriously.
It does the trick. Unless of course you REALLY dont like it. Theres nothing wrong with squiers.
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used mex strat hahahaha, that will eat up atleast 200 bucks, and then line 6 makes disgusting stuff. U could find a little 10-15 watter for 100 bucks probally. But gl on finding a mex strat for under 200
I just went to guitar center. my buddy bought an ibanez gio and a roland cube for just around 300. I think it's great gear for beginners... but I would recommend getting a distortion petal because the small cube doesnt have a distortion setting.... other than that those things are pretty badass
I was considering taking it back because of the things i've heard and Every dollar means the world to me.

I was mainly wondering if i could have gotten a better guitar/amp for the same price if i looked around and tried wokring with it.
Nothing wrong at all with squires, But that amp needs a little overhaul. You should take it back, Go for one of those Line Six Spyders and buy you a guitar beside it. ( A strat. )