Hey, we've added two demos (but no bass or drums yet) to our myspace page and we'd really appreciate it if you would give them a listen and tell us what ya think.

The singing on 'This is Ireland' is so terrible cos I had to do it myself as our singer is ill atm.

The link is: www.myspace.com/theinvisiblerep

Looking forward to hearing what ye have to say - and sorry in advance if we bruise yer ears!
ah **** - must have forgot to mute one of the vocal tracks! Sounds proper shite!

Twill be sorted out tomorrow!
One of the songs is sounding as it should now (though I'm not sure thats correct seeing as I'm on vocals and cant sing for shite - but its temporary) on the myspace.

Do us a favour and let me know what you think! Goodie bag to the best response*!