does anyone know or think the type of guitar cable you use makes much difference in youre sound
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Absolutely! Get Monster Cables if you can afford them. I like asking for them for Christmas because I hate dropping a ton of money on cables because, let's face it, it isn't a very exciting purchase.
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it would be cord not chord just to let you know and monster cables are good
A good cable is one that makes no difference to your sound whatsoever, so that the signal at the output of your preamp/guitar/mic/keyboard/amp or whatever is the same as the signal that arrives at your amp, headphones or speaker.

It should be well shielded (not pick up any interferance), have no tiny little breaks in the connection or wiring that cause clicks pops and dropouts.

I'm playing a strat now with a cheap bit of cable and if I lay it across the keyboard, the amp buzzes in time with my keystrokes.
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Just move it around the fretboard
The cord makes the most impact on your sound (for the price anyway)! Get decent ones that have gold contacts, they should also be flexible and AS SHORT AS POSSIBLE.
The difference they make is highly overrated. But if you must spend 50 dollars on a guitar cable, monster cable, lava, planet waves, etc. are all top quality brands.
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Planet waves is what i use, it's goot because it's got the little spring type things on the jack, so it is really connected and aint randomly falling out
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george L cables ftw!
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