Hey. I recently bought a Zoom G2-1u effects pedal and it came with Cubase LE. I'm having problems with recording audio with my guitar.

My setup is as following:

-Pedal connected to laptop via USB connection.
-Pedal connected to Jackson DK2S Dinky.
-Pedal connected to Marshall AVT150X half stack.
-Pedal is also plugged into the wall via AC power adapter.

I have no problem inputting MIDI as I just draw it on the Key Editor. It plays back at a good volume. However when I record through an audio track with my guitar it comes up with little or no sound, and when I use the volume adjustments in the channel and audio sidebars it has little effect. When recording, the sound comes through my amp to how loud the amp is set at, but it barely shows up on Cubase. I also have my laptop input and output volume set to full.

When I clicked the links on the HTML help guide on my laptop it made a clicking sound through my amp. I was wondering if I have something set wrong, or if there is just a general answer to my problem.

Help would be much appreciated.

I think it's just basically that the sound is supposed to go out
on your amp when doing a recording...

IDK because that's what happens when I'm recording with mine

thanks, that answer makes sense to me because when I leave the MIDI drums on that I made while recording, you can hear them within the guitar recording. But I'm still not 100% sure.
Does Cubase LE come with all Zoom G2-1u units? Is the LE software good for recording? Perhaps simlar to Guitar Tracks Pro 3? Thanks.
Hey. As far as I know, it does. I think that it is good for recording as you get a really clear sound from it, and it is easy to mix audio with MIDI. It also has plenty of different effects to use in your audio recordings. I can't say I have used Guitar Tracks Pro so I really couldn't tell you. But it is a good program, and it comes with the option of upgrading but it does cost money to upgrade.