Today I just received my Crate GLX65, it sounds great through my pedal! However when its plugged into my pedal i get this annoying hum. I turned down the volume on my gutiar to see if it was the pickups but the hum was still there, i left the volume on the guitar turned down and turned the amp volume to full and the hum got even worse, what could the problem be? when i plug my guitar directly into the amp theres hardly any hum...
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It's quite possible the connections on the pedal aren't so good. You're probably not noticing it through the distortion when it's on (as distortion tends to add a hum to the sound anyways...). If it's the inputs on the pedal, just take some light grade sandpaper and roll it up so it's roughly the same size as the input hole, and just rotate it back and forth lightly a bunch of times (this takes off any rust or other hunk that might be in there).

Edit: Before you go to all that effort though, just try plugging the guitar straight into the amp. If it still hums, you know it's not the pedal. If you can plug into another amp, try that. If might be the guitar too. Also, different pickup selections with the pickup selector switch can cause hums.
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hmm it never happend with my other amp, it worked fine. I tried turning down the gain on the pedal and still no change what so ever.

I've plugged the guitar directly into the amp and theres hardly any hum
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If it's a solid state amp and you'r erunning a distortion effect into the distortion channel then you'll get noise. If it's on the clean channel then i dunno what the problem is, you could try using a different cable with the pedal though.
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What pedal are we talking about here?
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i sorted it now, because my pedal is drawing power from my PC from a usb cable, so i tried it with batteries and theres no hum.
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