I find Jack Johnson amazing and I love all of his stuff, from
his lyrics to his chord sequences.

I was wondering if anyone else like Jack Johnson as much as i do.

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Hes okay,maybe a bit boring sometimes but some of his songs are really good.Cocoon and Good People are my favorite songs by him.
I was once stuck in a Shriner's van on a 265 mile trip, having to replay that Curious George music video over and over so a small infantile life would not cry. The Mother would sing along to it, quite irritating. I found myself greatly perturbed when he jumped into the ocean with that perfectly good acoustic.... I was bothered.
i like J.J he from hawaii were i from we go way back..
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I like him but theres nothing amazing about his playing. it's all pretty basic.
Some of the most popular music of all time is pretty basic - nothing wrong with that.

I think he's a very talented guy - not so much because he plays amazing guitar - he doesn't - it's fairly simple and non-technical. But he has a style the is uniquely his, and he writes good lyrics that match his musical style - the whole package comes together quite nicely. In my opinion, he's a breath of fresh air.
Yeh. His playing is basic but the origanal feel is what makes his music great. I really like playing his tunes especially because the girls like the lyrics and stuff. Pretty cool.
yeah his guitar playing is basic barre chords but its fun music, and his songwriting skills are undenyable
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