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Contemporary Contrivances and Detrimental Drugs
1 17%
Five Feet. And Walking.
5 83%
Voters: 6.
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Contemporary Contrivances and Detrimental Drugs

Pointless premonitions of inspiration
Fueled by a desire for fraudulent
Masterminded intelligences.
Archaic innovations repressed
Because of contemporary contrivances
And generalized detrimental drugs.
Impelling deaths causing sanguinary massacres
Between prudent instigations of man
And evolutionary indictments of science.
An inaugural playwright
From the clinically psychotic.

Five feet. And walking.

Walk, Walk.
Cold soles on concrete scope out a pathway
through the back-ways of scarred Sarajevo;
between breaths of penchant awe and penance,
integers search per-spired windows looming,
black hands survey black eyes with brevity
and walk his skin with harrow stares to prove
a point, as two lines cross, an heir denied
is marked, also, within a tin-carcass;
two fake aspects smile while four find focus.
Signal right your in 'time' tensions over
ruemours, dis-missed turnings and his famous
last words: "Sophie, my dear Sophie, don't die,
stay alive for our children."
Heartbeat. Heartbeat.
Five feet, walking.
Heartbeat. heartbeat.
Walking. Five feet.
Stop. stop.
Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.
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