Hi, for christmas i got a Fender Standard Strat and a Fender Champion 300 Amplifier. The amp doesnt come with a footswitch but says you can purchase one seperately to change channels.

So far, i have only seen them available in America and it is really hard to get one here in the UK. I was wondering if I could use any footswitch with this amp or if it has to be the specified one. Whether i could use a different fender footswitch or a different brand completely.

Well you may not be able to use a completely different footswitch, but you may have more than one option.

Like my Vox ad30vt which is supposed to have a certain specified footswitch for the modelling amps. Instead my store gave me a different slightly older Vox footswitch for the ac30's and it worked fine.

So I guess you could look for other Fender footswitches. Also if you have a local store go ask the guys there, they can look around for the footswitch you need or mess around with some other ones. Sorry I couldn't help more.
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Thanks a lot. I will go down to a few music shops and ask.

Thanks again,