Okay, I'm gonna spark a debate here. I'm quite biased here so I'll say it as it is to eliminate bias and exaggeration.

I am in a band.
We have a guitarist (me) and a second guitarist, but we have been warned he might not be arsed and my bassist argues that some other boy is better anyway.

The statistics:
Current guitarist: Craig can play most chords, pretty fast at switching between chords etc. good rhythm... well he is a rhythm guitarist.
The other guitarist: Gordon is his name. my friend whom plays bass argues that this one is better, as he can play a little Green Day. I, however, being quite experienced with the guitar know that this is actually bad. My reasons? Well just look at this chat and then comment please!

Matthew: if craig pulls out we can get gordon to play
me: no comment
Matthew: how
me: hes probably a shite guitarist
Matthew: he can play more than craig
me: how do you know craig can play some flamenco-style music which is pretty good
Matthew: he showed me
me: gordon can play green day...
Matthew: wats rong with that
me: green day is probably the easiest guitar stuff to play in the world
Matthew says: how do u know
me: youve never seen it have you green day is some of the easiest guitar shit in the world and anyway gordon is in shauns band
Matthew: at least it is mor than can do
me: "mor than can do" what.?
Matthew: craig
me: nah i wouldnt agree, anyone who is proud to be able to play green day is clearly a guitar n00b im gonna prove it to you soon* but anyway gordon is in shauns band
Matthew: so i cant play any green day so wat im i
me: smart. thats what you are. you dont WANT to learn green day
Matthew: how
me: it gives you false hope - makes you think your good even though youre just strumming a load of piss-easy power chords

* To prove that thinking your good cause you can play Green Day is wrong, I posted it here.

I added the chat cause I thought it'd help show you my opinions against his. Your thoughts please! I'm prepared to be flamed but I'm sure I'm right.
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Green day guitar is 'kin easy..
Green day bass guitar is even more easy, i dont know why, the bass player (Cant remember his name.) got his own signature bass... I thought those were for people who played great, or changed music...
While, to some who might enjoy green day music, i apologize if you find it offensive, but yeah, green day is really easy, power chord here power chord there now yell like an ape and you are the next "paper cut on my wrist 182+41+44"
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I would choose craig from what you've said. You should have you and the band meet up and have Craig and Gordon there. Get them to play something that shows their abilities then you and the band should all agree on who to have.
I will shred in the end!!