So its all over the news every few minutes about how 1,800 kids have been evacuated due to a bomb threat that was called in. I bet if I called my school with a bomb threat, it wouldnt appear on the news. Columbine is only on the news because its already famous from the shootings, which is why they refer to it so much. Since the school was shot up, I dont think anyone would have the balls to do something to the school again, and if they would, they certainly wouldnt make a bomb threat like that, unless they wanted to get news coverage. Either way, I guess im just ranting on because im pissed that such a stupid thing has made the news, and that we are now in a Columbine and Anna Nicole Smith media cycle. It sucks, doesnt it?
I see your point. It's because it's where all the sensationalism can be gained, which seems to be the media's job, rather than just keeping us informed.
Someone phoned our school and claimed there was a bomb inside once. We all had to evacuate and wait outside in the cold.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure that if your school got a bomb threat it would be on the news, maybe not nationally, but certainly locally. It's happened where I live. Anything like that on a school will make the news.

But you're right. It really only made the National (maybe? I didn't see), because of the history of that school.

Anyway, stop bitching, and be glad it didn't happen to your school.
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mass media= blind sensationalism
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People used to call bomb threats into the local high school just so they could get a day off from school. After they stopped sending the kids home and just searched the whole school with bomb dogs, there were a lot less bomb threats called in. They also used to put everyone in the gym, so if you did plan on setting off a bomb you could just hide it in the gym, call in a bomb threat and set the bomb off when everyone was in the gym. They probably eventually realized the problem with that, so they started sending the kids outside until they searched the school.
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i can understand your point but how bad would it be if there actually was a bomb in there. who could blame the media for trying to do their jobs?
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My school DID have a bomb threat. I'm glad I wasn't there that day, students waited outside the school for about five hours.
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One of the middle schools around here where I live was on the news because some kid walked in with a gun and shot the ceiling. I would much rather here about a school shooting than where Anna Nicole Smith is going to buried or what Britney Spears is doing right now though.
Lol, American schools. I'm pretty sure that there's never been a bomb threat in a West Australian school.
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