I don't really listen to him much, but I am hooked to voodoo child. I checked out a tab for it on guitar pro and the are just so many "random" notes played and stuff.

What is the best approach to learning this song? would it be better to just learn the chords and improvise?

Thanks all
listen to the the song thoroughly(3 0r 4 times a day) all the way through and try learning it after a week or so, but yeah most people just improvise to it.
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get the backing track and try n play watever u like
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hendrix was probably improvising, so learn the basic solo and improv around it. just keep with the beat of the song and let it flow.
definetaly just listen to the song alot and youll get most of the main licks down, and then jsut kind of tie them all together with improv. thats pretty much what i do on every hendrix song