right, playing my acoustic/elec direct through my PC no pre-amp, not ideal I know before any says it. Probably shit idea but until I get a preamp its the way I am going.

I put it in the Line in Dont I in soundcard? Right if I am right with that, then how do I configure audacity so that is will record of my line up port?

if I am wrong in what I am saying can you nice people point me in the right direction.

Tried to do a search of this forum for audacity but there was just too much came back and it would take me days to wade through it.


Right I have a wee cheapo mic now, its plugged in the mic jac of the soundcard and basically its not picking anything up. Do you think the mic is broke or is there something I need to do in audacity so it will pick it up?
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Yes you can plug it directly into the mic jack. I would recommend getting a decent sound card. Most soundcards are made for gaming and not sound. Most people will blanketly say that Soundblaster is not the brand to get for recording but I say hold the phone. I bought the Soundblaster XFI Extreme Music Soundcard which was made specifically for music recording and playback. It's also a lot cheaper than buying a lot of other equipment. They have 3 or 4 versions but the more bells and whistles the more the cost. I saw the basic version at Best Buy for $75.00. It has drastically improved the quallity of my recordings. Also you must also use decent mics. Shure SM57 for insturments and SM58 for vocals. You can buy a pair of AKG D9000 mics at Musicians Friend for around $75.00/pair. They work fine for vocals but aren't as good for instruments. The Shure's are $99 each.

You should also download Audacity which is free and it works great for recording and isn't as complicated as a lot of the versions you pay for which is good for a beginner. There is a program with Soundblaster XFI but it doesn't have any documentation on how to use it and I haven't been able to figure it out yet. Also the settings are important. Research the net for the proper settings.

You can use the mic port on the soundblaster XFI for both mics and line in. It doesn't need a pre-amp.
Hey, yeah i have Audacity, when trying to record using a Line In Mic, through my sound card, i cant get anything, i simply think audacity can't do this. I did find another program by the name of 'KRISTAL' which did work. But options are very limited.

So no, your mic is not broken, audacity is just crap. The only mic i can get to work through it, is my webcam. :P