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i'm getting a hotel room this weekend because i can't stay in the dorms and i can't go home due to inclement weather. what should i do while i'm there?

by the way, i already plan on renting porn and there are no prostitutes in my town.
There are always prostitutes, you just aren't looking hard enough.
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Throw a flash bang at him.
tthrow the bed out of the window
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Do you mean like pranks?

Go in the elevator and take the pictures down.

Or, fill your sink with water and poop in it.
According to BBC news, hotel paperview porn cost the UK billions each year.
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(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´(´¸.•¤´`¤下自己的秘密請在嗶一聲之後對話筒沾自喜請在嗶一聲之後對空氣唉聲嘆氣

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I like this guy.
Don't move anything in the room (except for the bed sheets/ blankets) Buy a whole bunch of condoms. Then fill them with lotion.

Place all the "fake jizz" filled condoms under the blankets. So when the cleaning lady comes in she's like... "ohh, looks like my job is easy today... *lifts covers* ...WTF ZOMGZ!!!"
Steal the tv claiming you thought it was free with the shampoo. And when in the lift, peel off all the number stickers and swap them around.
Take advantage of the free items, like shower curtains, towels, tables&chairs, flowers etc.
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Ok, I have another one.

Print out some home made stickers with the words "Molest Children" with an arrow pointing up, and another with the words "Anal Rape" with an arrow pointing down.

Put those over the arrows on the elevator.

Sit in the elevator with a camera, and see what someone presses. Then just laugh in their face.
download trash on their slow internet . . . if they have it . . . jerk off . . . take a dump in the top part of the toilet before you leave. Another one of my favorite things was leaving chew spitters everywhere in the room . . . you know what they think when they pick them up.
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when me an my friends stayed in the hotel we put i put globs of toothpaste EVERYWHERE that they would have to touch such as the tv on button,door handles,the flusher for the toilet and the tap handles.

do it discreet like so they cant see most of em and then BOOM they have toothpaste on their hand.


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Ok I have another one.

This one is simple but funny. Wear a really cheesy fake mustache and side burns when you check in. See what they say.

I once wore a ducked tape beard all through a health class. We had a guest speaker that day who was telling us about her dead husband. she asked me... "What the hell was wrong with me."

it was awesome.
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I once wore a ducked tape beard all through a health class. We had a guest speaker that day who was telling us about her dead husband. she asked me... "What the hell was wrong with me."

it was awesome.
i got teh giggles.
Isn't it mean though, leaving things for the cleaning staff to have to deal with? I mean, how would you feel if you had to clean up someone's shit? It's not pleasant, is it? Or really clever. So, do the big thing, and just nick everything that's not nailed down
Then how about you go about your normal business as if you were in your halls?

It seems a bit pathetic to be somewhat 'rebellious', and do something crazy and cool, just because you're staying in a hotel room. Especially when you're pre-bragging about it on the internet.
Friends, applaud the comedy is over.

I'd dance with you but...

get a prostie couple of friends and live like your on vacation
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Get wasted and puke on the floor next to the night stand. Then go into your friends room from next door and watch the cleaning lady from the peep hole. Thats what I did.
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Dismantle the Corby trouser press then phone maintenance and see if they'll come and put it back together for you.

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Rearrange the entire room before you leave, bed across teh bathroom door, cuboards(if there movable) across the window, if asked, you thought you heard an air raid siren and got scared <.< >.>
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Meh... Use a fake name and then trash the place. Simple, yet effective.
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there are no prostitutes in my town.

How about paid legal
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Theres rats running around outside my window, one of them has an apple, he looks very happy about this.

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Oh ****

Aaaah well. It gives me an excuse to rape.

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Cover the whole room with styrofoam cups on every possible surface.

Tis' all.
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there are no prostitutes in my town.

Oh there are hoes in all area codes my friend. They are even listed in the phone book - under "escort services".
Check in with a fake name and as you leave, leave enough Dixie cups full of water so you can't see the floor.
when i went to china there was a brothel on the top floor of my hotel

it always pays to have a good look around
Make sure you look under the mattreses(sp?) for porn mags. There's usually some under there. Oh and party in there.
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