I'm in the process of recording some stuff. I have two multi-pedals. (korg AX1500G, and a Behringer V-Amp)

with that said, I really need to get my Behringer V-Amp working. When ever I plug it in it gives off a loud hum through my guitar cabinet. I tried different guitar cords, different guitars, etc, etc., but nothing is working.

So I took the pedal apart. Looked inside for a loose solder. No go. It's all computer chip, with only one solder. (to ground it) None of the internal wires are damaged, or even slightly out of place.

I played it a week before I moved. (which was about a month and a half ago) It was fine, or at least in play-able condition.

*Since I lost the original power supply cable in the move, I bought a new one today from Radioshack. It powers it, but do you think it have something to do with it being different from the original?

God, I need some help here.
Any thoughts?

You need a hug. Other than that, I can't help.
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You are using a power amp with it aren't you?
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Quote by R_H_C_P
You are using a power amp with it aren't you?

yes. I tried both the outputs on it too. (headphone & amp/mono)
You say you moved? It could be the grounding in the house, sounds like general 60-cycle hum to me, can you power it off batteries or anything? See if that works.
Move your Vamp away from its adapter, like jimmy said, its picking up mains hum. My Pod2 does it all the time, particually when recording. My best advice is keep your recording distance as short as possible, and keep everything as far away as possible to avoid feedback and bleeding etc.
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Are you sure you have the lead in the output and not the mixer? That's something I regularly do with my Digitech pedal. It's probably not the case, but I thought it was worth a post.
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i have a Vamp thing. it used to do this to me, but than i realized i couldnt have one bit of gain on my amp to use the piece of crap!!!! Or at least get it sounding ok.