I would. Most online stores offer a good return policy. Yeah, it's a drag to use it, but you won't be out any cash if it's junk. I found most B stock stuff is simply returned items with no problems.
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if the return policy is good then yeah like mudder said. i wouldnt buy it from an unknown person/place though

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Musician's Friend and Guitar Center are the same. I bought a B-Stock amp off of Music123. There was nothing wrong with the amp. It just came in a different box and without a manuel.
Sorry, first time I've heard the term. What is "B-Stock?"
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I have a problem buying things new just because I know that the second I get it in my hands, its worth at least 15% less. This is just like buying a lightly used guitar. If it wasn't in great condition, the company wouldn't sell it to you. In fact, I was looking at one of the Epi Dot Deluxe guitars that Music123 has up for sale at $350.....until I bought a Jazzmaster today. I feel dirty, yet redeemed.
I have bought both B Stock and Scratch and Dent. B Stock is usually fine, just someone didn't like their purchase. You may not get a manual or the manufacturers box, but the item is in perfect working order and worth buying.
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