Hey I recorded this a couple of months ago and want you guys to tell me what you think. All the lead is improvised so don't complain about that....


Theres my Dmusic, the only song in there is the one.

The lyrics are, and roughly translate to:

Recuerdas quien te empujo?
Recuerdas lo que paso?
Recuerdas cuando caíste?
Recuerdas quien te levanto?

Remember who pushed you?
Remember what happened?
Remember that you fell down?
Remember who helped you stand?

There are more lyrics but havent recorded them yet.

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en todo, es un poco repetivo, pero hay unas buenas ideas alla. creo que deberias aumentar <<reverb>> a los vocales, and i'm probably just speaking spanglish now. it could maybe use another verse and some more instrumentation, but nice work. mind listening to mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=534929
try to make your vocals really from down deap. sounds great with spanish. turn up the lead, i can barely hear it. overall, nice work and thanks for the crit.
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