-Here's a question about the Fender Standard Strats ability to stay in tune.
I have noticed that some guitars have a nut which will protect the tuning from frequent Whamy-bar usage. So to be clear on the question: Will a Fender Standard Strat stay in tune or will it go out of tune from severe "Whaming"???
it depends a lot dont and their system is very good for a non locking system but the bars break and the piece can get stuck in thier a lot thats only if u beat the hell out of it ike i do they ussally do stay in tune cause even the standard strats are very good quality
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most guitars will go out of tune with lots of whammy bar use. but i recently changed the strings on my standard strat from 9s to 11s, and now it stays in tune much better. i also lowered the floating bridge so you van only lower the pitch and added two springs. it holds a tune very well over pretty abusive whammy stuff, but i always feel like im gonna break the tremolo arm.
leo fender invented the floating bridge. i dont know if they call it a floating bridge, they probably call it vintage tremolo or something, but you can set it up to raise or lower the pitch by making it float, so techniquely, it does have a floating bridge.
Yeah, Decently i mean i got one about 4 months abo and nothing has gone wronge and the tunning dontest drop or anything but its not like its has a floyd rose on it

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