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I searched and saw a Viking metal thread a, but I personally don't even like that term, so I made a Folk Metal thread.

I've been really getting into Folk Metal for the past year, and I've gotten to listen to a lot of good bands. Here's my favorites:

Folk Metal:

Tuatha De Danann
In the Woods
Agalloch (I kinda don't consider them a part of the genre, but I guess I'll add 'em.

Blackened Folk Metal:

Nokturnal Mortum (basically NSBM, but they incorporate some Folk elements)
Aes Dana

Pure Folk / Neo Folk:

October Falls
Of the Wand and the Moon
Orbis Mundi
Perunwit (Folk / Ambient, basically)
Sol Invictus
Lord Wind

Those are just some of my personal favorites. I also love a lot of Ambient, but most don't fit in the Folk Metal genre.

So, who're your guys' favorites?
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^ I'm going to check out of some those

So far, I heard heard and listened to only one; Elvenking.
woah, 'folk' metal? thats something new
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How 'bout Finntroll?
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woah, 'folk' metal? thats something new

No it isn't.

Anyway, Heol Telwen > your list.
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Alright, I'll give them a try, Japanese Black Speed rarely disappoints.

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where's ensiferum, korpiklaani and finntroll?

oh and eluveitie.
those are my favourite folkmetal bands.
Mägo de Oz.

You should really check them out even if you aren't into folk metal.
AGALOCH IS THE SHIT !!! really check them out, its one of my favorite bands, they are so great ;-)
Lumsk is my new found love! Troll is such a great album.

Finntroll is quite good as well.

^They're your favourite band but you can't spell Agalloch properly?
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No it isn't.

Anyway, Heol Telwen > your list.

They're Black Metal with Celtic lyrics.

Just because they have Celtic lyrics doesn't mean they relate anything to Folk.

Korpiklaani and Finntroll.

Because they're nothing special, dude. Finntroll is ****ing terrible, too.
Wow, you missed out the only three Folk Metal bands I really know, Finntroll, Korpiklaani and Eluveitie.

Eluveitie FTW!
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where's ensiferum, korpiklaani and finntroll?

Seriously...these guys are the 3 kings of the folk metal realm.
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Eluveitie FTW!

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They're Black Metal with Celtic lyrics.

Just because they have Celtic lyrics doesn't mean they relate anything to Folk.

Only black metal with celtic lyrics, a lead flute, and bagpipes. Seriously, get their album, you'll be kicking yourself in the balls for not getting it sooner.

Eluveitie is great too, can't believe it wasn't on the list.
ensiferum ftw! there was this really good band myf riend showed me called woods of ypres or something like i think they were good. agalloch is amazing too. anyone listen to cruachan?
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Folk metal really deserves a lot more attention than it gets.

I like Tuatha De Danaan, Korplikani, Elvenking, and Finntroll.

...And Battleheart, if you consider them folk metal.
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Seriously...these guys are the 3 kings of the folk metal realm.

No they're not.


are my favorites.
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I swear, every single riff they write is golden. So much better than Finntroll.

did I just miss them, or is Turisas not on the list?
SKYCLAD are the best folk metal band in the world by far Steve Ramsey is a guitar god one listen and you will be hooked .They have a website check them out .Steve was my son`s guitar teacher and is a great bloke aswell.They come fromNewcastle upon Tyne on the noth east coast of England, Just checkem out
Omnia (listen to them, they're sound like faerie music), Faun, Pagan Reign, The Moon and the Nightspirit, Arkona, Solaris, Cawatana, Graumahd, Neun Welten, Graumahd, Agalloch, Bagronk, Nebelung, and Elvenking are some of my favourites right now.
There was this band I listened to a while back from Greece, I think it was a one woman project and it was folk influenced. Can anyone tell me what it was called?
Get some Elvenking on that list!

Also, Korpiklaani is cheesy but good.

I love Ensiferum and Pagan reign, though.
I've been listening to Stille Volk again the last few weeks, real good medieval folk (also check out their metal project called Hantaoma).
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