Im interested in starting to use a metronome for my practicing until i can find a new song to learn. But how would i use it? Do i just play scales during the beat and whatnot or are there special exercises? also, what would be a good speed to start out at?
first, you need to know what a metronome does...

then, you need to learn how to sub-divide that beat into 1/8 notes, 1/16th notes, and triplets/sextuplets

after that, its about attaining perfection and tightness, then slowly working up the metronome
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i know all that, ive been a drummer for a long time and i work with a metronome with that. Im just wondering what i could do to practice, seeing that theres not 22 frets on a drumset, so i dont know any practice routines or anything.
basically, you play anything you would normally play, but make sure its in perfect time with the metronome

now, if you want to work on technique, thats one thing. Honestly, if you are a drummer, and have used a metronome before, just use it ALL the time
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