Ok, im a Boss Gt8 guy but in the persuit of ultimate tone ive invested in a digitech snyth wha and digi verb, along with a few others but thats not important.

I got thoes little joiners to join up the little pedals and this is where my problems have started.

Both pedals are brand spankin new, running off batt's cause my christmas tree has yet to arrive.

When i plug the input lead in, the led flashes 3 times and goes out. Now when i press the pedal down the effect might come on, if it does its usually rubbish and the pedal light stays on but the pedal goes to bypass.

Wtf, you serious?

How the **** can that happen?

They're brand new, worked fine yesterday!
^It happens a lot with the Digital(X-series) pedals. Many people go through multiple returns before they get one that actually works.
FFS! why didnt you tell me about this before i bought them!?

Argh, i can return em thankfully.
Run through each pedal by it's lonesome to pinpoint which one is giving you trouble. And exchange, good luck.
Its both of them, which is weird. Wouldnt expect both of them to **** up like this. They're completely shagged!

Emailed Gak, they're usually pretty kosure with returns. My govnor, its seen two decades of action and its still going fine, 2 days with digitech and already they've ****ed up.

Should of stuck with boss, but no, synth wha just drew me in. GOD DAMN DIGITECH

Cheers for yer help bro