What are some good songs to practice to, that have nice pinch harmonics in them? right now im thinking Cemetary gates by pantera.

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Revolution is my name by Pantera
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Lamb of God has alot of pinching in their songs. Laid to rest is a good practice song to get pinches on the low E.
coheed and cambria- welcome home
through the fire and the flames- dragonforce
the intro to needles- soad
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Some songs from ZZ TOP. Billy Gibons is right up there with Zack Wylde when it comes to pinch harmonics.
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stillborn - BLS

blackmass reverends - BLS

fire it up - BLS

everything ever written by - BLS
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Welcome home - Coheed and Cambria
i dont think ill get flamed but i love em and dont care
plus i got really good at pinch after playen this for ages
Perry Mason - Ozzy Osbourne
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