Heres the score:

We are a tech/death metal outfit based in Crawley which is near Gatwick Airport in Sussex UK roughly 30 minutes from Brighton. We need a drummer as our current guy has other commitments. We've been playing together for 6 months+, got some material done & dusted and got a decent amount in the works also. We have a VERY rough demo track up at www.myspace.com/plagueofashitaka so go check it out if you're interested. We have our own rehearsal space, and we can possibly pick you up as two of our number are living in Portsmouth at the moment and drive up here for weekends. We're pretty flexible about most stuff so give us a shout if you're interested (either the band myspace, or drop me a message on here - we'll most likely get back to you same day or day after).

Band influences include:

Eternal Lord
Embrace The End
Norma Jean
The Concubine
Rifles At Recess
All Shall Perish
EndThisDay (RIP)