The band I am in is planning on playing at a party coming up in a couple months, and we're trying to decide songs to cover. We have a guitarist(me), a bassist, a drummer, and our singer could play a second guitar if necessary. Keyboard would also be possible, but the only way that could happen is if I played while our singer played the guitar, so there could only be 1 guitar if there was keyboard.

The question I'm asking is what would you guys think are some good songs to play at a party, to get people going, stuff that people know, new or old. Any song that fits what I said above, just try to think of stuff that doesnt have too difficult vocals.

Also, anything other than AC/DC, it seems people always respond with AC/DC when these questions get asked, and we've done AC/DC before, wanna try somethin new.
That depends, because if you are playing like a high school or middle school party, then you may have to lower and degrade yourself to playing some Fall Out Boy or Good Charlotte.
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nah we all hate that stuff, luckily most of our friends do too. were in high school and its a high school party
Since it sounds like you're not a particularly experienced band, I would pick a decent sized set of easy-intermediate quality songs. Mostly of time these things fall through because the band tries to do too much.

Also, it's a party so pick some decent party rock. Bands like Blink, FOB, Sum 41, Rise Against, etc etc are pretty decent party songs for the *average* listener. Obviously the music buffs, like those at UG, aren't going to love you for it, but as far as overall appreciation, it's probably your best bet.

Besides, as far as live music goes, even if you're playing the most retarded music in the world, if you have fun with it, and the band knows the songs well and plays really tightly timewise, even the musicians will appreciate it (mostly ).
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yeah weve played at a party before similar and we played some red hot chili peppers, ac/dc, led zeppelin, and an original, and it actually went well
Play some really well known songs like pretty fly for a white guy by the offspring. Then play some more diverse stuff once it gets going by which point people wont care whats playing, just dancing. Good luck!