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Give it home, of course!
33 32%
Sneak it to the neihbors house...
30 29%
Sell it on eBay.
33 32%
Hmmmm....beats leftovers.
28 27%
Voters: 103.
If you found a LIVING BABY crying in a basket sitting on your doorstep on a tuesday afternoon in august, what would you do?
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1. Find a hot chick's myspace.
2. Get lotion.
3. Look at pr0nz.
4. ???

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If you found a LIVING BABY crying in a basket sitting on your doorstep on a tuesday afternoon in august, what would you do?

Take it in as my own and raise it too be one of the sickest guitar players ever.

Really though, I'd probably call the police.
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Leave it on my neighbour's doorstep.

dammit you beat me to it.
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dammit you beat me to it.

I guess I'm just a faster babyditcher
Call Bono.
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Police most likely, or let someone else deal with it. I don't exactly live on my own.
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I agree, i always help people up. At the last show we all protected this little kid who was tying his shoe in the middle of the pit.

I'd wonder how it had managed to remain undetected by neighbors or my mother before I got back home from school.

Then I'd want to keep it, but most likely I'd phone social services.
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Call police/social services and be like... hey guys, theres a baby on my doorstep and i didn't make it...
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take it inside, make sure it's ok. then call the cops to get it. if no one comes or claims it, i guess i'd take care of it. i think it's legal for someone to do that, if it's at a certain time of the baby's life, and they have a note or something.
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Id get rid of the kid, but it still beats the usual bag of flaming dog crap.
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Call Bono.


Id make a nice skin lampshade.
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I'd ring the police/social services, and let them come. I'd probably go with it to wherever it needed to go, just to make sure, and then offer to look after it if they cannae find a home for it.
I'd either leave it on the doorstep or put it on my neighbor's. i have bass lessons on tues so i don't have time for shit like helping a defenseless infant.
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Eat it.

Sunday Roast anyone?
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I'd bring it to the hottest girl I know, tell her she's the mother, give her the baby, then brag about how i'd f**ked her to everyone who'd listen. Also, I'd name the baby foo-quan.
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Dump it at madonna's house
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You know, particularly in womens cases, if you are home by yourself or with someone who cannot defend you, and you are to hear what appears to be a baby crying outside your front door. you are NOT supposed to open the door, no matter what. And you should call the police right away..

Some sick people record the noise of a baby crying, lure the person out, and rape/kill them..

That's messed up. Seriously.

In all seriousness, though, I'd call the police/social services. It's legal to leave a baby at a church or hospital, but not at my doorstep.

Can I ask what inspired this? The poll/original post, I mean.
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