Can anyone recommend an amp for me about around 200-300? If its just the head its ok because I have speakers in an old fender amp that the amp broke but the speakers work. I play mostly metal like children of bodom(although I can't really play it) and arch enemy. I have searched and came up with the following amps that i like. Feel free to recommend any amps. Oh, and is the hartke real?

I need something that can handle extreme fuzz, without buggin out. thanks.
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Ok those aren't links as such and also you have 200-300 what to spend? Pounds? US$? AU$? Goats?
Holy URL batman.

- The epiphone's are nice, but by no means will sound good with COB.
- Hartke guitar amps suck more dick then a hooker working over time.

I would say Vox is the best of those three. IMO.
Do u only play metal or do you play metal w/ other distortion levels in the medal song?
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