i just wanted to let everyone know about a new band from Between The Buried And Me's old guitarist and the guys from Terminal. they're called Oh, Sleeper. i have heard all 5 of their songs from their debut EP "The Armored March" and so far they sound like a solid group. I know most of you won't be too interested because it is more of Norma Jean type music, like horror chords and everything, but

the amazing thing about them is that their lyrics are almost Folk Metal like....
Micah Kinard is the singer and he screams some crazy shit about medieval battles and Bishops and Sirens and its just a fantasy world of metal haha.

i dunno, i'm prolly beating a dead horse since most of you are really dedicated to meshuggah and children of bodom and straight metal like that.. which dont get me wrong i loooove all of those bands! haha, but i wanna get the word out about this band cus i think they have something going for them.

if you wanna know more check out my review of their EP here at Ultimate-Guitar.com or search for the Oh, Sleeper myspace to read up on them.

If you want to watch them in action, see their music video for "We Are The Archers" on youtube, along with numerous live clips.

the band is from Fort Worth, Texas and they are working their way up to out of state shows, help support them if you like them!!!

thank you all for your time
Usually for something like this, you provide the links.

Also, if they're like Norma Jean, put on your flame gear and take this to the hardcore forum.

EDIT: I actually listened to them, and yeah definitely take this to the hardcore forum.
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http://www.myspace.com/ohsleeper - info/music
http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/reviews/compact_discs/oh_sleeper/the_armored_march_ep/index.html - review
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CH_vISWCXOQ - videos
http://www.zambooie.com/stores/index.tpl?cart=117279006254528249&st_id=224 - online store

and i don't know Charlatan_001 cus the editor that posted my review of their album put this under the Genres field: "Grindcore, Alternative Metal, Heavy Metal" they only thing hardcore in there is the core of grindcore, haha, and ... the.. h of heavy metal? i guess? but yeah.. flame gear....
haha alright.. i don't mind taking it elsewhere, how do i go about moving it to the hardcore forum? do i delete this one or what is the procedure for that, and sorry for the innacurate post.
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this is like the fourth new thread since i made an oh sleeper thread months ago...people need to search....but yes oh sleepr is fantastic...micahs lyrics are phenomanal, if you are a christian and/or can see the themes behind his lyrics then you will agree
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the scream is so powerfull. my balls started two steppin.
There's like 3 on this page already.
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