so, I want to get a Peavey 6505 combo new, but I definetely can't afford the $1200 price tag. does anyone on here know a ballpark figure of what the cost is?

I know GC emps usually get all fussy about these things, but I figured someone wouldn't mind giving me a ballpark figure under the guise of the internet where there are no victims or narcs.
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ebay for at most like 600

that's definitely not what he's talking about

threadstarter: we're peavey dealers so I could take a look for you when I go in on Saturday.
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I checked if anyone was selling one, but no luck. Every day new stuff comes up though so take a look every day or two
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^thanks for the advice. most of it I've taken. I hit craigslist daily. and ebay isn't much better. 5150 and 6505 combo's are over priced compared to what I've seen people pick them up on classifieds. a lot of people start bidding around $700, and then I was outbid on a 5150 by $10 the other day.

but the problem with eBay is you're paying a lot for shipping, close to $100 due to the amps weight.