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Post some awesome epic drop C songs for my floyd rose is staying in drop C for a while. CGCFAD btw

ill start off with one.

my last serenade - killswitch engage
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anything by all that remains.
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bullet for my valentine- all these things i hate

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anything by Killswitch Engage
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anything off of ''Machina'' by the Smashing Pumpkins
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If Arsis tunes to Drop C, then "The Face of My Innocence".

Hell yes! Arsis is ****ing awesome. Also the Black Dahlia Murder, they might tune to C standard though i'm not sure
Hmm.. Stone Sour use that don't they? Then, their shit. Especially Come What(ever) May. That's a hell of a song.
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Lonely Train - Black Stone Cherry


The Unnamed Feeling - Metallica (Shun the non-believer, its a brilliant song)
is adams song drop c or nah?
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Oh, I'm just dying to post in this thread.

Honestly, who gives a fat shit?

The 4 bands who want to play in Drop C
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Holy Mountain - System of a Down
Floods - Pantera
My Curse - Killswitch Engage
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is adams song drop c or nah?


I like "the element of one" by killswitch (nice acoustic intro)
and "my curse" by killswitch.
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anything on the Unhallowed album by The Black Dahlia Murder
any Killswitch Engage, As I Lay Dying, or As Blood Runs Black.
Hand of Blood by Bullet for my Valentine is fun to play.
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thoughts without words by shadows fall is pretty good, as is most SOAD Songs, like **** the System
"Sic" by's not epic or difficult but fun.... and any Arch Enemy is in can transcribe it for drop C.
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Holy Mountain - System of a Down
Floods - Pantera
My Curse - Killswitch Engage

Thanks man I love floods - its my favorite pantera. I know ill get onto this one. So this thread was worth making
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The End of the World - God Forbid.

Try anything from Are you dead yet? - Children of Bodom
Shed My Skin - Alter Bridge
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bark at the moon - ozzy

if it was played in drop C it would be my fav.
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