So today is my birthday and I got $50 usd. Now Im thinking about replacing that dead bridge humbucker on my Les Paul copy. I dont know which one I could get though. I play stuff like metallica, guns n' roses, RHCP etc... I would like to have nice heavy metal tones but also a good clean tone. Any suggestions?
Well, you aren't going to get much at all for $50. You might have to save up bit.
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I also suggest you save $$$ and invest in a good set. Check out active EMG's like the 81 (bridge) / 60 (neck) set which run about $200 for the pair. Or you could go with their passive set like H4/H4A. But I have the 81/60 set and I'm gald I invested. Check out their website.
alnico II's from Seymour Duncan, those are real good, slash uses those i think too, so yeah, they are pretty good, 75 bucks each
get a Duncan JB. they sell for $70, but you can talk the price down. I got a JB/Jazz combo for $110 a few weeks ago. that's only $55 apiece.
Ive been looking at the JB for a while, and i still havent got anything from my parents, so I will have more money. If I get the JB I will need to get 500k pots though, right?