Say now your on a summer holiday, your lying by the poolside listenin to your iPod to a certain RHCP song and enjoying it..

Then 4-5 months later after the holiday is well over, you listen to that certain song/s and you think of that very moment and all the feelings and smells etc... Really weird but a nice feeling..

So anyone else notice those things, if so share! lol (Im pretty bored:p
Anytime I listen to astral weeks by van morrison I reminisce about things that never even happened Im like "damn remember that time I sailed down river and had lunch in that field next to the cows, oh wait.."

And an Avril lavigne song, erm that "Im with you" I think it was, Oh had one of the best times of my life to that song.
Tears in waves, minds on fire
Nights alone by your side
reckless abandon - blink 182
we want fun - andrew wk
stab - built to spill

all 3 of those songs describe the best summer of my life which was spent with my best friends at the pool i worked at. that summer was full of beer, drugs and lots of naked girls
dude funny u mention it...i was just thinkin about this party i went to in summer and panama came on as the last song...gah it was great
I listen to Black Heart Misery- and it reminds me of that time i was trying to kill myself.

ps: im emo
I am Cool Thanks for listening.
This is quite strange but whenever I listen to the first track of *checks title* "This year in ibiza..." it reminds of the most godawful game I ever played, Carmageddon for the N64, as I once had it playing at the same time. My god, what WAS that?!?

And no, I haven't listened to the album for years.
It was 3 years ago, my sophomore year in highschool. I had been really depressed and just on the edge of offing myself and I can remember that whole length of time that I listened to Alice in Chains - Nutshell. Everytime I listen to that song I just remember how bad off I was. That was so depressing.

Another song that really means alot to me was when my cousin died 2 years ago. At his funeral they played his favorite song which was "Poor Wayfaring Stranger". It was so sad and emotional...It's hard for me to listen to that song.
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When I read a good book, I listen to one album the whole time. Then, whenever I listen to that album again, I think of reading the book and how good it was.

I don't think I described the feeling very good. Oh well.
The Scatman by Scatman John always reminds me of a skiing holiday I went on with school. Every night was just me and my best friends getting drunk and 'singing' that song, oh the memories .
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I don't have any good memories to songs...yet. I do have two not so good memories though so here we go. 1st one is "the glass prison" by dream theater, my dad is a horrible alcoholic and we'll let's just say that things haven't gone well. The 2nd is weird in the movie children of men, In the court of the crimson king plays and it reminds me of my ex, who broke up with me after that. Yeah i know cliche lol
I woke up this morning and I got myself a beer, the future is uncertain and the end is always near. - The Doors, Roadhouse Blues
my friend of mysery by metallica
reminds me of last summer, but not really the summer just the smell of it
pretty much every song on my ipod has a moment that goes with it

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Every time I listen to I'm Broken or Cemetery Gates by Pantera I think of being at the beach with my friend when we listened to those 2 songs all day, and The Trooper by Iron Maiden reminds me of being at disney world, because I got my first Maiden album at the Virgin mobile store there.
Jungle Love by Steve Miller Band will always remind me of the night me and some people went out fishing and spent the night trying to sleep in the back of a 92' Blazer. The reson I'll remeber the song is because the guys at a campsite near ours played it on repeat for about 4 hours. We never slept all night, we wre sore as **** from being cramped in the truck all night and didnt catch any fish. Also, almost exactly as I we got unpacked we were called into work.

That song will always remind me of the shittiest 2 days of my life.
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i got rele into rhcp this summer so everytime i listen to anything off stadium arcadium or californication i think rite back to summer...especially Emit Remmus and Death of a Martian
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fort minor - where'd you go (all of last summer)
RHCP - otherside (playing cards at church camp)
Whenever I hear anything I listened to heavily in the summer of 2004, I'm instantly taken back. That was probably the happiest time of my life thusfar. One weekend I went to a fair to meet a friend and I wound up crashing at his house for three days with another friend (which is pretty significant when you're fourteen and just coming into your own adolescent freedom), and all we did was play guitar and listen to the Beatles. To this day, whenever I hear Dear Prudence my mind is flooded with that weekend.
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Most of "From Under The Cork Tree" reminds me of two summers ago.It was a good time for me.

But then 'The Final Cut' by Pink Floyd reminds me of the December after that,which was really shitty.
dude i know the feeling. I for one like it and that happens for me with I'd say almost 1/3 of my music. Even if it brings back bad memories the feeling is cool.
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living dead beat! reminds me of halloween night when i got gang beat and left for dead =)

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I've got a strong connection with the song Seamus by Pink Floyd (off of the album Meddle). If anybody's seen the movie Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, the DVD of it has Seamus as the opening song. You know how a DVD, when finished, will just loop the music/video of the DVD title screen? Well, I was watching it with a lady friend of mine, and had been in love with this girl for quite some time, and had just found out during the movie that she felt the same way. Needless to say, that music was looping for quite some time, since we were too...busy...to turn it off.

Every time I hear that song now (4 years later), it reminds me of good times (and a bit of bad times too, since that girl and I had a pretty rough breakup a few years back).
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All that I've got, and Hard to say by The Used remind me of two summers ago. I'm not sure why.