So, me and the bassist from my band worked on an instrumental for a few hours the other day. It was originally a song with lyrics, but we decided to make it into an instrumental instead. Sorry if certain parts become boring because of this.

I'll crit4crit as always.
That was a really good song some of the solo at the beginning sounded a bit dodgy, and some over repeating of riffs. The rest of it was pretty darn cool though.
some parts were a lil to repetative but still very good, id come watch you play it live lol
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Yea its a good concept but way too generic and repetative for an instrumental. The beginning solo sounded somewhat sketchy, but it was good.

I think for now 7/10
I liked the intro solo, but i'd suggest you don't let the overdriven guitars notes ring into each other.
bars 29-60: Great riff but it seemed to drag on for ages, i can see you had lyrics here but i'd try and make this part a bit less repetative.
You're next solo is great.
But then back too the riff...If this is an instrumental i'd make this part a bit more interesting, it seemed pretty generic.
The next solo was great again, i loved you're use of natural hamonics.
The solo starting on bar 129 was excellent. I especially liked 133-134.
The solo does end really suddenly though, thats the only thing i can think wrong.

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that was awesome very metallica influenced i think? which makes it great the riff were metallica style i mean, the solos not so much, they were great loved the whole thing to be honest would like to hear it live but yeah top noch composition.