Poll: What do you think about Coffin Cases?
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They're cool
18 24%
They're stupid
35 47%
I don't care, it's just a case
21 28%
I don't even know what it is
1 1%
Voters: 75.
I once heard that Coffin Cases are either the coolest thing ever or the stupedist thing ever, so I thought I'd see what the votes say. The reason why I care is because I recently got a Coffin Case gig bag for my acoustic (it was the best thing for $30).
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As a gift I got bought a mini coffin case thing for drum sticks etc.

Not the best build quality but alot better than most drum stick wise.

I wouldn't buy one for any of my guitars though.
i dont care really
but it depends on the guitar
although i think theyre stupid on the whole, if the guitar looks a certain way, the case is cool
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I find them kinda tacky.............and really gay...
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i know
but still...


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france is laaaaame

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that is possibly true

well...i dont like em either...and im not a big joss stone fan


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france is laaaaame

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I got one for Christmas last year and they said its supposed to fit ALL B.C. Riches, my guitar was too wide and long for the case. Guitar Center fagholes...



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I would get one but my Warlock won't fit right........I've only seen a knock-off warlock fit in one and it had only 22 frets.>.>
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I know they make one that's specificaly for Warlock type guitars, and the picture shows a Warlock in it.
It would be more metal, but it makes your guitar look dead. I don't know I just don't like them.
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My old Metal guitar, an Ibanez Iceman didn't fit in the other cases I tried, so I had to get a Coffin Case, cause that's all that it would fit, and I've grown to kind of like it.


I think they're tacky and obnoxious. They're also very heavy - the hard cases, at least.
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IMO coffin case='look at me i think i have a cool case, which makes me cool'
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...for the gigs im going to be playing its going to be 60% tone and 40% stage look, and I'd like the look of my rig to be able to back up its sound.

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IMO coffin case='look at me i think i have a cool case, which makes me cool'
Agreed; they're lame.
I like mine, bought the Body Bag model from a friend for my Eric, and hes been resting comfortably in it ever since. It doesnt offer much in the way of accessory storage space, but thats no big deal, I dont have much to put in it aside from my tuner n whatnot. It fits my style, and I just like the way it looks.
you must think your guitar is dead putting it in a coffin

but seriously I think they looks lame, I mean its like hey I have a sucky guitar in this coffin wana see it???
I have one, worst decision i ever made. Idk, i was younger and stupid, they have zero accesory space, the hardshell that is.
I'm not a fan of coffin cases. I would prefer a regular flight case for that mysterious look.

But I might considering carrying a tele to a blues jam in one.
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I'm kinda indifferent on the matter. I've got one I keep a Schecter CSH-1 in, and I really only got it cause the inside red matches the guitar. I think it looks all right, but maybe I just have weird tastes.

I could go with a little more storage space though. I cant hardly store anything in it but picks, which I hardly ever use anyway.

Fender Cases are my favorites, the big ol' rectangular tweed ones are the best.
last thing i would put my guitar in

..closely behind a carrier bag
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They look great, but its just a case. Its a case with a gimmick, not worth that money. I just think its a waste and like many guitars, you put your money on the name.
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