Yea its kinda cool, i dont know messing around and poof this came about. Its the second one down, called "Mad jazzy" or something as dumb. Oh yea, check out my radiohead High and dry cover. Its pretty good i think, it wont hurt your ears. Yea, i messed up the solo in that royally.


clcik music under navigation and hifi for whatever song.
This sounds really floydish actually. Most likely something that came from Dark side of the moon. The rain kind of gets in the way. Either make it quieter or get rid of it because it doesn't really add much. Its a pretty simple song, but its still a song with structure. I also listened to the first minute or so of high and dry. I haven't heard the original so I can't compare, but like the floydish song, it sounds plain. As in, there's not too much going on.

also, can you check out my thing?
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yeah, the rain is kinda awkward, but i really like progression and the general feel of it. nice and simple, but good stuff. the high and dry cover is pretty good, the guitars sound a little out of tune but the vocals arent bad at all. i like what you did with the chorus instead of going for the thom yorke falsetto. nice work

mind critting me?
hmmm...... I actually would like the rain if it wasn't coming in and out randomly.... just me though... don't really like the opening riff.... but it has a really nice feel and rhythm..... maybe adding an arpeggio to make it sound a bit thicker?

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I liked the rain actually. I thought this was a cool song. The guitar is very dissonant sounding (rhythm), but the lead is pretty cool, and the echoey thing in the background is very cool, too. I think the rain should fade in and out more evenly, though. Where did you get that sound effect from? Is there a website where you can download sounds like that? I thought this was good, but you could make it into a good song with a groovy bass line. I liked your lead playing as well. good job. Mind critting mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=522091
Mmmm I pretty much agree completely with gunsnroses89 ^^.

Rain imo sounds very good, if only its appearances and exits werent choppy.
And a nice (fretless ) bass line would take this a long way.

http://ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=535143 if you find some time, could you try n give this a listen too hehe
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