I don't know where else this would go, but I play guitar and I happen to have more time than any drummer I know and I hardly get to jam with them. I play Death Metal and I was looking for a drum machine that can do everything a drummer can do and more. Does anyone have any suggestions on a good drum machine? My max is about 250$
drum machines are ok for backing, but the drums cant sound anything like a death metal drummer can. get a computer program, like said.

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Fruity Loops, where can I get it? Is it free?

You'll have to pay for it to get it legally, it varies between $100 and $400 depending on the program


You can get it via the usual channels, though. IE piracy.

There are lots of different drum packs and stuff for the prog

Also, a few death metal bands program their drums. Its hard to find a good reliable drummer who takes it serious enough to show up every day.