Ok so I might buy a Jackson KV2 for $2000, but those whole month Guitar Center offers a deal where u buy it on GC credit and have 12 months to pay it off. I might get my dad to agree do it, so if he does, should I go for it? By september ill have a job making $100 a week. Id lay down $300 right there and sell my crap guitar for $300.
Is there interest?

I personally don't trust those types of credit deals.

You shouldn't spend money you don't have - thats why so many people are in ****ing debt.
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yea wait till u have 2 grand shit happens and then before u know it u cant pay for it
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Upon approval and verification, your credit card will be mailed to you within 7 to 10 business days.


No Payments Or Interest for 12 Months Financing Details:
*Same as Cash offer on Guitar Center Preferred Player Credit Card purchases totaling $499 or more. No Finance Charges if purchase paid in full in 12 months. If purchase not paid in full or Account not kept current, Finance Charges assessed from purchase date and Minimum Monthly Payments required. Variable Standard Rate APR: 21.9% as of 02/28/2007. Variable Default Rate APR: 25.65% as of 02/28/2007. Minimum Finance Charge $2.00. Certain rules apply to the allocation of payments and Finance Charges on your promotional purchase if you make more than one purchase on your Guitar Center Preferred Player Credit Card. Call 1-888-367-4310 or review your cardholder agreement for information. Financed purchases MUST be made at the printed/tagged price. Items must be new and in stock. No special orders. Returns and/or exchanges shall not extend or change the 3 months promotional period and all purchases are subject to Guitar Center's return policy (posted in-store and online). Offer valid through 03/31/07.

You'd better pay it off in time or you're gonna get raped by interest.
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The interest is going to kill you. Essentially, it's not worth it.
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As long as you make it your priority to pay it off..... no harm. I bought my 1st Marshall that way on a Guitar Center card a couple yrs ago. Just got to make sure you absolutely pay it off before the PROMO offer expires.... otherwise they back allocate and charge the full 12 month interest penalty. Nothing nice about 22%.

I would heavily suggest making friends with a guy at Guitar Center. You can get some great Inside deals on things.

Got my Stobo Tuner for $145.00..... not the $189.00 they advertise..... so forth and so on.

Not so sure I would spend $2000 on a Jackson though. Depends on your style and music preference I guess. But $2000 will buy one h*ll of a guitar.
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