I'm listening to Grandmaster Flash's White Lines and near the end it kept shouting from one ear to the other "DONT DO IT..BABY!" Any other songs with bits that sound cooler with headphones
You should listen to every song you can with headphones. You will always catch something you never noticed before.
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You should listen to every song you can with headphones. You will always catch something you never noticed before.

Damn straight. Even if it's not because of the stereo, you pick up loads of subtle things that you didn't notice before. Stuff like Pink Floyd or Dream Theater sounds awesome when you can hear every little detail.

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I dont listen to music without headphones really. I think Im retarded.
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Intro to crazy train. Lol


theres some cool panning in that
you should check it out
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hendrix - castles made of sand
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the beginning of Such Great Heights by The Postal Service is awesome with headphones.

I like the Iron and Wine version better. Both are good, though.
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Pink Floyd - On The Run from DSOTM

i agree 100%

the first time i heard Pink Floyd, i thought the playing was good, but overall just meh. then when i heard them with headphones on, it was a whole different experiance.
Take Take Take from the White Stripes is REAL good with headphones.

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Acid Rain - Liquid Tension Experiment


That song is amazing however you listen to it, but with headphones it's SO much cooler and more interesting \m/
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Sorry Your Not A Winner - Enter Shikari. Awesome panning.
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The intro to Shining ray by Janne Da Arc, beautiful, quite refreshing too.
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Dream Theater- Voices
King Crimson- Moonchild
Emerson, Lake and Palmer- Tarkus
Opeth- Harvest
Opeth- The Leper Affinity
Scars of Chaos- Merciless

Any Pink Floyd song.
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Pretty much any Pink Floyd definitely, and the other one i can think of is Quixotic Elixir by RHCP. I love John's backup vocals going from ear to ear during the chorus.. check it out.
interview at the ruins, by circle takes the square. the ending is so beautiful with headphones
idk what its called but its track four, one suicide notes and butterfly kisses by Atreyu
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Pink Floyd - On The Run from DSOTM

and pretty much EVERYTHING on DSOTM, eh?
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One of my "chill out/go to sleep" songs. Which one is it? Damn... possibly "The Fantasy" by 30stm. Not sure, though.

Its not very good for going to sleep to, because theres one bit where the sound quickly alternates from the left to right headphone, and it gives me a headache...
Paradise City live is cool, you hear 'em argue at the end, quite funny actually.
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Circle takes the square- "Same Shade As Concrete"

Somewhere out there there's a thrill I swear.

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Sort of off-topic, but I recently got these bigass headphones, and I like nothing more then cranking them up so that all other sound is blocked out. I'll be walking to school and it's almost like the music blasting in my ears is the soundtrack to my life as if it were a movie.
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Seether - Remedy. Full volume.

Anyone with sensitive hearing is scared faeces-less by the feedback at the start. ^~
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Pink Floyd - On The Run from DSOTM

AWSOME you can really hear that quadraphonic sound. Or ...stereo?

Also most of Piper at the gates of dawn. Heavy panning and extremes in EQ, gives a good stereo image and depth of field. Interstellar overdrive makes you feel like your heads wobbeling around when you get towards the end. Almost like being drunk.
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Ah! This sucks 'cause I'm deaf in my right ear and thus will never in my life be able to get the full experience!


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