Man, what an amazing artist!
Anybody on here know about him?
Has anyone ever heard a better bassist?
I really don't know if he goes in here,
But this was my best guess.
i just found about about him,
And i'm totally blown away.
he's ****ing amazing, check out his live album "stage." I included one of his blues songs in my blues radio week.
hell yes keller is the sh*t. very orginal and not many people play a aousctic like him. you should ethier check out his album Dream or Laugh. I like dream more he collobrates with tons of good musicians i.e. bob wier, bela fleck, victor wooten, john scofield and the string cheese incident just to name a few. also his live album Stage as said above is very solid. but when i seen him live it was a hole differrent ball game he is a brilliant guy seening him in action was wonderfull.

ahhh killer video of him:
I always thought he was really talented but I neve really got into him too much.