I've never boughten anything off of Ebay. But I was looking around and I found this there.


I'm not sure if I should buy it since I've never had the chance to really play it but I have wanted an explorer for a while and I'm a little short on cash. So what do you think?
Why not? You should know that the reserve is not yet met and will probably be much higher though. This is especially so considering that the "Buy It Now" price is like $1250.
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yeah, buy it now is at US $1,250.00 i imagine it will go upto around a grand, or at LEAST 800
I wouold Get it i've never seen an explorer like that before, and i'm an exploere buff like no other, it's kinda unique the paint job and such, and if it doesent sound to good sell it on ebay or get a pick up change and if you do that i would recomend the 500T's for the bridge pickup 490T's for the neck, ive got those in my korina explorer and they sound so good and chunky. So yeah i would get it considering the possiblites and its potential.
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